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Understanding Data Locations

Seeq configuration, data, licenses, plugins and all other customer-specific files are stored centrally in the file system. This approach facilitates backup activities, upgrade testing and other administrative functions.

The default location for such files is within a common application data folder for the operating system. On Windows, that is C:\ProgramData\Seeq and on Linux/OSX that is ~/.seeq. This folder is referred to in Seeq technical documentation as the global folder.

Within the global folder are the following major files and folders:


This JSON file defines machine-specific properties like IP address and port numbers.  This file is always in the same location and cannot be moved.  It is strongly recommended that this file is not modified by hand; see Configuration System for instructions on how to configure Seeq.


This folder contains the active license file for this server. An "old" subfolder contains inactive licenses.

This folder is always in the same location and cannot be moved.


This folder contains the certificates / private keys associated with SSL/TLS secure communications. See for more information.


This folder contains all user data associated with an instance of a Seeq Server, including workbooks, worksheets, comments, indexes, profile/value searches, conditions, calculated data, cached data, formulas, Seeq users/passwords, and all configuration data (other than global properties and licenses).

The location of the data folder can be changed using the procedure described in Changing the Data Folder Location.

Since the only configuration items not included in the data folder are the machine-specific global properties, keys and license files, it is easy to copy the user data to another machine without taking the machine-specific files with it.


This folder contains backups of the data folder that result from using the built-in backup facilities or selecting the backup checkbox during upgrades. You can change the location of the backups folder if desired.

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