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Configuring Seeq


Seeq uses a centralized configuration system for administration and tuning.  For a full list of options and their descriptions, see the Configuration tab in the Administration page.

Updating Configuration Options

There are two ways to update configuration options: via the Configuration tab in the Administration page, or by using the Seeq Command Prompt.

Administration Page

When you navigate to the Configuration tab on the Administration page, you will be presented with a table of options that you can use to configure Seeq Server.  You can use the controls at the top to search for options by name, or filter by any field.  To see a description of what each option does, hover over a row in the table.  Notes can be added when overriding values to explain why decisions were made.  

Any changes made to configuration options on the Administration page are not saved permanently until the orange Save button is clicked.   When the Save button is clicked, you will be shown a confirmation dialog that summarizes the changes you have made; note that the values of many options depend on others and these will be updated accordingly.

The Advanced field signifies whether or not an option is intended for advanced tuning; please strongly consider working with Seeq Support if you think you need to adjust one of these!  By default, these options will be hidden.

Some options are not editable from the Administration page, but must be updated by Seeq support.  Others are presented for informational purposes only.

Seeq Command Prompt

You can also set and unset options using the seeq config command in the Seeq Command Prompt.  For example, to update the hostname of your Seeq server, you could run the following command:

seeq config set Network/Hostname

Option names (e.g. Network/Hostname in the example above) are case-sensitive.

Boolean values are set using 'true' or 'false' from the CLI even though they display as 'True' or 'False'

For details and information on subcommands, run the following:

seeq config --help
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